Covid-19 Building Signage

The University is placing new signs throughout campus buildings with special instructions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Facilities staff are installing signs, starting with the buildings that were not included in the first phase (summer), eventually replacing and adding to all of the spaces that were covered this summer.

Guide to Signage

This comprehensive guide to the new signage includes the library of signs, placement instructions, and an explanation of the signage strategy:

Requesting Signs

If you need signage, send a request to or in the Office of Captial Projects. Alternatively, you could download signs and place them temporarily.

Custom Signs

If you need a signage that is not included in the signage library in the Guidance document, send a request to Facilties Customer Service using the Renovation/Capital Project form. Describe what you need. EHS and Facilities will work with you to produce signage with the appropriate text and graphics using the templates.

Download Signs

Click on the .pdf icons below for printable and downloadable PDFs. Click on the thumbnail images at right to view larger and save as a PNG version. If you need a sign that is in the Guidance document, but not listed here, contact EHS at with the description of the sign and we will send you a printable version.

Sign Descriptions and PDFs PNG Versions

Wear Face Covering 

PDF iconWear Face Coverings.pdf Place this sign at the entrance to the building and anywhere that the message might be helpful.

Wear Face Covering

Social Distancing

PDF iconSocial Distance.pdf Place this sign at the entrance to the building and anywhere that the message might be helpful.

Social Distancing

Use Hand Sanitizer

PDF iconHand Sanitizer.pdf Place this sign at the entrance to the building and anywhere that the message might be helpful.

Hand Sanitizer

Room Capacity

PDF iconMax Room Capacity.pdf Place this sign outside meeting rooms or other shared spaces. Indicate the maximum number of people (~100 sq ft per person).

Maximum Room Capacity

Elevator Capacity

PDF icon Elevator Capacity.pdf Place outside elevator to inform users of maximum allowable capacity. 

Elevator Capacity Sign

Not in Use

PDF iconNot in Use.pdf Place this sign in areas not being used due to social distancing requirements.

Not in Use

Shared Spaces

PDF iconShared Spaces.pdf Guidance for the use of shared spaces.

Shared Spaces

If You Feel Unwell

PDF iconIf You Feel Unwell.pdf Instructions for individuals displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

If You Feel Unwell

Maintain a Healthy Campus 

PDF iconMaintain a Healthy Campus.pdf Ways for individuals to do their part to maintain a healthy campus community.

Healthy Campus

Washing Your Hands to Keep Safe

PDF icon Washing Hands.pdf Instructions for proper hand washing. 

Washing Hands Instruction Sign

Keep Yourself and Others Healthy

PDF iconKeep Healthy.pdf Strategies for maintaining your health and the health of others.

Keep Healthy

Please Use Bottle Filling Station

PDF icon Bottle Filling.pdf Reminder to use bottle filling station rather than drinking fountain.

Bottle Filling

Social Distance- Floor Marker

PDF iconSocial Distance Floor.pdf Mark pathways for maintenance of social distancing with tiger paws. 

Social Distance Floor Marker