Covid-19 Building Signage

Update March 2022: Wear a face covering inside signs may be kept on exterior doors after the March 14 change to campus face coverings policy. Building visitors are encouraged to use the QR code on the sign to read the updated guidance.

Vacstatus required for card access and Wear a face covering when not actively eating and drinking signs will no longer be needed and may be removed. 

The following signs may still be displayed on campus: 

  • Wear a face covering inside (exterior doors)
  • Please use hand sanitizer regularly (near hand sanitizers)
  • Do not hold door open for others (exterior doors)
  • Please return home if you feel unwell (exterior doors)
  • Follow these steps to keep yourself and others healthy (restrooms)
  • Washing your hands to keep safe (restrooms, sinks)

Download Signs

Click on the .pdf icons below for printable and downloadable PDFs. Click on the thumbnail images at right to view larger and save as a PNG version.

Sign Descriptions and PDFs PNG Versions

Wear a Face Covering Inside

Wear Face Covering.pdf Post this sign at building entrances and interior spaces.

Wear a face covering inside

Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer.pdf Place this sign at the entrance to the building and anywhere that the message might be helpful.

Hand Sanitizer

If You Feel Unwell

If You Feel Unwell.pdf Instructions for individuals displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

If You Feel Unwell

Do Not Hold Door Open For Others 

Do Not Hold Open Doors.pdf Instructions to not hold open exterior doors.

Do Not Hold Door

Washing Your Hands to Keep Safe

 Washing Hands.pdf Instructions for proper hand washing. 

Washing Hands Instruction Sign

Keep Yourself and Others Healthy

Keep Healthy.pdf Strategies for maintaining your health and the health of others.

Keep Healthy