Guidance on Events and Gatherings

NOTE: This Guidance is effective as of October 27, 2021. 
Updated 11/30/2021 (Added Temporary Requirements for Undergraduate Student Social Gatherings)

Update 12/27/21: Gatherings With Food

The restrictions on indoor gatherings with food, and those where face coverings can’t be worn, which went into effect on Dec. 16, 2021, have been extended through mid-February 2022 unless conditions change.

  • University-sponsored indoor gatherings on or off campus, including meetings and events with faculty, researchers, staff, graduate students, undergraduate students, and/or approved visitors, may not include food or any activity that requires removing masks.

Undergraduate students must continue to observe the 20-person gathering limit in their dorm room, suite, or off-campus housing, as outlined in the Temporary Requirements for Undergraduate Student Social Gatherings.



University staff, graduate students or faculty can host indoor and outdoor gatherings and events of any size on or off campus. From November 30 to December 21, 2021, undergraduate students and undergraduate student organizations may host gatherings in accordance with the Temporary Requirements for Undergraduate Student Social Gatherings (jump to section). Princeton University-sponsored events and gatherings (events) held indoors must be set up in accordance with these guidelines and the University’s Visitor Policy. This guidance applies to events and conferences; it does not apply to regular meetings in the course of University business, teaching, social planning, etc.

Those who organize indoor events are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all attendees are aware of necessary public health guidance, including use of face coverings.
  • Maintaining a list of attendees for 2 weeks after the event.
  • Providing a means for event attendees and guest speakers who are not current faculty, staff or students to attest to being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Developing a plan for building access when hosting events.
Visitors may attend outdoor events and are not required by current University policy to attest to COVID-19 vaccination or wear a face covering. However, event organizers have the discretion to require face coverings, attestation of vaccination, or other mitigation strategies, even if not required by University policy.

General Guidance for All Indoor Conferences and Events

  1. Reserve your event space in the EMS web app (link is external).
  2. If possible, provide an opportunity to attend virtually.
  3. Provide access to alcohol-based hand gel.
  4. Post signs at venues informing attendees that face coverings must be worn when indoors.
  5. If considering providing food, follow the Guidelines for Eating and Drinking Indoors.
  6. Outside caterers are permitted to deliver food. If the event requires in-person food or drink service, please use Campus Dining catering services when possible.
  7. Maintain a list of attendees for at least two weeks to assist with contact tracing if a positive COVID-19 case is reported by an attendee.
  8. Event speakers may remove their masks while speaking at the event as long as only one speaker has their mask removed at any one time and there is at least 8 feet of physical distance between the speaker and other speakers or participants, as long as this is consistent with the rules for classroom instruction according to the current Supplemental Guidance for Face Coverings .

Hosting an Indoor Conference or Event Attended by University Staff, Faculty and Students

Follow General Guidance, above, for all indoor events.

Hosting an Indoor Event With Attendees Who Are Visitors 

  1. Pre-registration is required when hosting an event with attendees who are visitors.
  2. Organizer is responsible for developing a plan to provide attendees access to the building. The organizer may staff the building entrance or contact Public Safety to hire event security staff.
  3. Organizer must obtain self-attestation of vaccination by attendees who are visitors. The only exception to the requirement for visitors to be vaccinated is for children under 12 who attend, as spectators, Princeton University-sponsored religious services, athletic competitions and performing arts events. Please see Guidance for Attendance at Events for Children Under 12
  4. Conference and Event Services can provide resources for pre-registration and attestation.
  5. Communicate to attendees:
  • All attendees must wear face coverings
  • Attendees at this event must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Ability to social distance may not be possible.

Attendance at Events by Children under 12

See separate guidance for attendance at performances, athletic competitions and religious services by children under 12.

Guest Speakers or Panelists at Indoor Events

  1. Organizer is responsible for obtaining self-attestation of vaccination by guest speakers or panelists.
  2. While speaking at an event, guests must comply with  the University Face Covering Policy.

Use of Facilities by External Entities

  • Use of the facility must be for a critical need, where similar facilities are not available. Examples include use of performing arts venues and unique athletic facilities that may not be available to local high school students. Rental of large conference rooms for singular events can’t be approved at this time.  
  • All individuals who will be present in the facility must be fully immunized against COVID-19, including children under 12. The event sponsor is responsible for collecting attestation or proof of vaccination.
  • When possible, allow at least one hour after the external users have left the facility before opening it for use by University students, faculty, or staff.

Temporary Requirements for Undergraduate Student Social Events

  • From November 30, 2021 until further notice, large-scale indoor undergraduate student social gatherings (defined as gatherings, events, and meetings that are not classroom instruction, not held for academic reasons, and/or not organized or overseen by an instructor) on or off campus that anticipate more than 75 people attending will be or have already been postponed or cancelled. These events include but are not limited to Class and Eating Club formals, WinterFest, and large parties, including the currently scheduled Skate Night at Baker Rink. 
  • Indoor undergraduate student organization social gatherings with 20-75 students attending must be registered at and must identify and have in attendance student monitors who will be trained by ODUS to ensure compliance with mask and other public health rules. 
  • Outdoor gatherings of no more than 100 people are permitted but must be registered at https://clever.princeton.eduWe recommend using face coverings when physical distancing is impossible. Outdoor events including 75–100 people must provide outdoor restroom facilities, contracted by the event’s organizers. No indoor facilities may be used as an alternative.
    • NOTE: Tents are not considered outdoor spaces unless at least two sides are fully open.
  • Gatherings in undergraduate student dormitory rooms or suites or off-campus residences may not exceed 20 people.
  • Student performance arts groups will be permitted to proceed with their already scheduled performances following the guidance in General Guidelines for Aerosol-Producing Performing Arts.
  • This does not include gatherings, events, or meetings that are for classroom instruction, held for academic reasons, and/or organizated or overseen by an instructor.
  • This does not include gatherings of staff or faculty where students are invited.
  • There are no additional restrictions for gatherings, events, and meetings of faculty, staff, or graduate students.