Returning University Spaces to Original Layouts

Many spaces were modified with Plexiglas barriers, removal of furniture, chair straps, tape, and signage to support social distancing and other public health measures.

Plexiglass Barriers

  • Except for barriers installed at the McCosh Infirmary, all plexiglass barriers may be uninstalled and will be collected for pandemic storage. 
  • Submit a work order to Facilities to coordinate barrier pick-up 
  • Submit a work order to Facilities request assistance disassembling custom, installed barriers.

Seat Straps

  • Collect all seat straps and return them to the MacMillan Building to the attention of Lynn Barbour.
  • Dispose of seat straps that are in poor condition.

Furniture Arrangements

  • Return rooms to original pre-COVID-19 arrangements. 
  • Remove and dispose of “Not in Use” signs, table tent cards, barrier tape and any other social distancing signs. 
  • Submit a work order to Facilities with your departmental chartstring to request assistance moving furniture or refurbishing furniture affected by COVID-19 modifications.


Departments and offices should remove and dispose of unneeded signs, and may keep floor markers and other signs that they find helpful. EHS and Facilities will distribute and/or post new signs reflecting guidance on face coverings as this is updated.

Post at Exterior Doors

Wear a face covering inside Please return home if you feel unwell Do not hold the door open for others
Wear a face covering inside If You Feel Unwell Do Not Hold Door
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Post by Hand Santitizers

Please use hand sanitizer regularly
Hand Sanitizer
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Post by Door/Entrance to Restrooms

Keep yourself and others healthy
Keep Healthy
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Post Inside Restrooms and Near Handwashing Sinks

Washing your hands to keep safe
Washing Hands Instruction Sign
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All signs are available for download on the COVID-19 Building Signage page.