Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy

Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President

Responsible Office: Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Contacts: Please direct questions concerning this policy to EHS at

Effective Date: August 24, 2020

In the interest of public health and to reduce the possible transmission of communicable diseases, particularly COVID-19, the University institutes this policy on visitors, among other policies, procedures, and guidance. This policy will remain in effect until the risk of COVID-19 has been mitigated to a degree that the Environmental Safety and Risk Management Committee determines it is no longer needed, based on guidance from public health experts.

I.    Policy Statement

In order to support efforts to contain virus transmission, visitors to the campus are limited to those who have requested and received prior approval from Environmental Health and Safety. 

II.    Who Is Affected by This Policy

This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

III.    Definitions

1. The following groups are not considered visitors:   

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled and have permission to enter University buildings. 
  • Current employees of the University who have been approved to work on campus, including: 
    • Faculty and staff who are listed in an approved department or research laboratory Resumption of Operations Plan, Academic Research Infrastruture Plan, or Research Laboratory Operations Plan, whether or not they are required to participate in the asymptomatic screening program.
    • Casual employees. 
    • Visiting researchers and visiting faculty with formal appointments from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty who have been approved to work on campus.
    • Long-term temporary staff agency personnel approved to work on campus by their University supervisor.  

2. The following groups are considered approved visitors

  • Contractors and Vendors:  Individuals who provide essential services on campus, including repair, technical, renovation, construction, maintenance, moving, waste removal, etc. Contractors and vendors are permitted inside of campus buildings if they have been retained and approved to provide services by a current staff or faculty representative. All services must be conducted in compliance with the University public safety policies (link is external) and guidance for Vendors and Contractors.
  • Family members who follow the guidance (link is external) provided by Housing and Real Estate Services are permitted to assist students with move-in of belongings.
  • Approved secondary occupants residing with graduate or undergraduate students in dormitory University housing.
  • Family members and guests of non-dormitory University Housing residents (including undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty).

3. Visitors 

  • All those not included in #1 or #2 above.  
  • Enrolled undergraduate students not required to participate in the University asymptomatic screening program. 

IV.    Policy

Visitors are prohibited from entering all campus buildings, including the Library, Princeton University Art Museum, Richardson Auditorium, and Chapel. These spaces are prioritized for teaching, research, and worship for students, faculty, and staff. Campus buildings include those owned or rented by the University and occupied by faculty, staff, or students. 

V. Exceptions

Exceptions to these visitor limitations must be reviewed and approved by Environmental Health and Safety. Please complete and submit a Visitor Request Form at least five days prior to the visitor’s proposed arrival on campus to be considered for an exception.

The decision to approve visitor requests takes into consideration:

•    COVID-19 cases on campus and surrounding community.
•    COVID-19 case activity in the visitor’s location of origin.
•    Purpose of Visit. For example, visits that support progress towards a student’s degree or are deemed critical to the mission of the University.

VI.    Violations

Students found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to discipline in accordance with Rights, Rules, Responsibilities (link is external).

Faculty and staff found to be violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with appropriate University policy.

Campus visitors found to be in violation of this policy may be subject to University sanctions, including being banned from campus.

VII.    Related Policies

VIII.    Update Log

Endorsed by Environmental Safety and Risk Management Committee: August 24, 2020

Updated August 30, 2020

Updated by ESRM: December 4, 2020

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Visitor Policy.

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