Visitors —Supplemental Guidance

This guidance supplements, but does not replace, the Visitor Policy

The below guidance goes into effect May 16. Please refer to the Visitor Policy on the EHS website for details.

Academic, administrative and residential buildings will remain accessible to appropriate faculty, staff and students by card access only, with limited exceptions. 

All visitors to indoor spaces on campus are required to attest to vaccination status. In some circumstances, visitors who are not up-to-date with COVID vaccines are now permitted if they either attest to (and are prepared to show proof of) having a negative test for COVID-19 OR agree to wear a mask at all times when indoors. 

Negative COVID tests 

Acceptable tests are a PCR test conducted within 72 hours of the visit or a rapid antigen test completed within 8 hours of the visit.  

Proof of a negative test may include:  

  • PCR tests: An email, printout, photo or other screenshot from the test provider. 
  • Antigen tests: An email, printout, photo or other screenshot from the test provider. A digital photo (with date stamp) of a home antigen test is acceptable.  

The individual event organizers or University hosts may examine this proof of testing at their discretion. 

Attestation Process 

There are several options available to collect vaccination and testing attestations:  

  • NEW: TigerPass offers an online form that hosts can share with visitors prior to the event. The form asks potential visitors a series of questions to determine whether they are permitted, not permitted, or are permitted but must wear a mask. The TigerPass is available via the TigerSafe app (as of 5/16) or via a direct web link. TigerPass has an option to email the host or sponsor of an event the visitor’s permission status or the visitor completing the form can show their phone with their status onsite. (More details in the section below.) 
  • Paper forms (or sign-in sheet) at the  door.  
  • Any pre-event registration process that departments have used to collect attendee information that includes attestation of vaccination. Note that those who do not attest to being up-to-date with vaccination will need to either agree to wear a mask or agree to a negative test prior to arrival. 
  • Existing attestation process that  departments have already used, with updates made to reflect changes to the Visitor Policy. 

Using TigerPass 

TigerPass is an easy way to manage attestation of vaccination and/or testing. It also requires visitors to answer questions whether they are experiencing symptoms, have recently tested positive, or have recently been identified as a close contact of an individual who tested positive.  

Access TigerPass:  

Hosts and sponsors may confirm attestation by:  

  • Asking visitors to show the results (permitted, must wear mask, or not permitted) from the app. 
  • Asking visitors to enter the email address of the host, event, or department. 

Visitor Responsibilities  

All visitors are expected to: 

  • Cancel the visit if they test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of the planned start of the visit. 
  • Cancel the visit if they are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 that are not explained by previously diagnosed conditions. 
  • Cancel or postpone the visit if they were identified as a close contact of an individual who tested positive within the last ten days unless they have tested negative since the exposure. 
  • Notify the host or sponsor if they test positive for COVID-19 within five days after their visit. 
  • Leave campus immediately via private vehicle if they test positive while on campus. The University is not responsible for the care or isolation of any visitors who test positive during their visit. 

Visitors Testing Positive During or Within 5 Days of Visit 

If a visitor notifies the host or sponsor that they tested positive during or within five days after their visit, the host or sponsor should send an email to for advice on notifying individuals who might have been in close contact with the individual during the visit. 

For more information about visitors and for answers to other frequently asked questions, please visit Environmental Health and Safety’s website.

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