Visitors —Supplemental Guidance

This is guidance, not a replacement of the Visitor Policy

Please refer to the current Visitor Policy on the EHS website for details.

Academic, administrative and residential buildings will remain accessible to appropriate faculty, staff and students by card access only. 

The category of “approved visitors” has been expanded to include:

  • prospective undergraduate student outdoor tours
  • media and film crews that have been pre-approved by the Office of Communications to enter campus buildings
  • prospective graduate students who have received approval from the Graduate School;
  • prospective faculty, postdoctoral fellows and staff who have received approval from the administrative department head of the University employee sponsoring the visitor
  • Individuals participating in University-sponsored conferences,  public performances, varsity and athletics events, and religious services.

You must follow the guidance in Hosting an Indoor Conference or Event with Pre-Registered Visitors if you are hosting pre-registered visitors at a conference, which is permitted as of August 1, 2021.

If you wish to sponsor a visitor to work or conduct research in a laboratory, academic or administrative space, you must request approval from your department head.  Use the Sponsored Visitor Request Form.

For more information about visitors and for answers to other frequently asked questions, please visit Environmental Health and Safety’s website.