Radiation Safety Committee

Charter and Role of the Radiation Safety Committee

In 1961 Princeton University established the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) to manage and oversee the use of sources of radiation by its researchers. The Committee consists of several ex officio members, including a representative of executive management, as well as several senior faculty members who have training and significant experience with the use of sources of radiation.  The RSC is responsible to:

  • provide oversight of the radiation safety program;
  • authorize the use of radioactive materials by evaluating new users and new uses;
  • review, approve and ensure implementation of changes to radiation safety programs and procedures;
  • review significant incidents, including spills, contamination, etc. and take corrective action when appropriate;
  • audit licensed operations to determine compliance; and take appropriate actions when noncompliance is identified, including analysis of the cause, corrective actions, and actions to prevent recurrence.

The RSC reports to the Dean of the Faculty.

2016-2017 Membership

Prof. Jannette Carey (Chemistry), Chairperson
Stephen Elwood (EHS), Secretary
Prof. Alexei Korennykh (Molecular Biology)
Prof. Paul Schedl (Molecular Biology)
Jerry Levine (Head of Environment, Safety and Health at PPPL)
Michael Fredericks (Molecular Biology)
Robin Izzo (Director, EHS)
Barbara Dul (Chemistry)
Angela Chan (Molecular Biology)


Policies established by the RSC are listed on the Radioactive Materials: University Policies page.