Radiation Safety Committee

Charter and Role of the Radiation Safety Committee

In 1961 Princeton University established the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) to manage and oversee the use of sources of radiation by its researchers. The Committee consists of several ex officio members, including a representative of executive management, as well as several senior faculty and research staff who have training and significant experience with the use of sources of ionizing radiation.


  1. Provides oversight to the radiation safety program;
  2. Authorizes the use of radioactive materials by evaluating new users and new uses of various sources (open and otherwise) of radiation and radioactive materials;
  3. Reviews, approves and ensures implementation of modifications to radiation safety programs and procedures;
  4. Reviews significant incidents, including spills, contamination, etc. and ensures corrective action is taken when appropriate;
  5. Audits licensed operations to determine compliance; and takes appropriate actions when noncompliance is identified, including analysis of the cause, corrective actions, and actions to prevent recurrence.


A designated senior member of the faculty serves as the chair of the Committee. The Radiation Safety Officer is the secretary of the Committee and, with the chair, sets the agenda for each meeting.


Faculty and Research Members

  • Senior Faculty (chair)
  • Faculty (2 minimum)
  • Research Staff (1 minimum)

Ex-Officio and Administrative Members

  • Radiation Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety (secretary)
  • Associate Director for Laboratory Safety, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Executive Director, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Representative, Environment, Safety and Health – Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Health and Safety Manager, Department of Molecular Biology

The Committee will consult with other members of the campus community on a case-by-case basis when a matter brought before the committee affects another department or office or expertise is needed to inform deliberations or decisions.


Committee meetings are scheduled once per calendar quarter as needed. Regardless of necessity, the committee meets minimally twice per academic year, in person or by way of virtual forum. Minutes of each meeting shall be recorded and archived by the Secretary, and made available to all members and the Dean for Research.

A majority (greater than 50%) of the membership, and at least two of the faculty members must be available to vote on issues brought before the committee. A vote may pass by simple majority. The Committee may vote on time-sensitive issues virtually (e-mail, online survey, etc.) at the discretion of the Chair.

Revised: July 2020

2020-2021 Membership

Prof. Jannette Carey (Chemistry), Chairperson
Colt Greer (Asst. Director & RSO, EHS), Secretary
Prof. Alexei Korennykh (Molecular Biology)
Prof. Paul Schedl (Molecular Biology)
Prof. Peter Meyers (Physics)
Jessica Malo (Deputy Head, Health Physics at PPPL)
Amal Jayakumar (Geosciences)
Robin Izzo (Assistant Vice President & Director, EHS)
Stephen Elwood (Director for Research Safety, EHS)


Policies established by the RSC are listed on the Radioactive Materials: University Policies page.