Guide to the EHS Website

The EHS Website Guide will introduce you to some especially helpful features on our website and will give you tips on how to navigate through our site to find the information you're looking for.  

Useful Features on the Home Page

Picture of the EHS website home page with "Contact Us", "Request Forms and Tools" and "Training" circled.

Contact Us

Do you need to speak to someone in EHS about a safety issue, but you don’t know who to talk to or remember the name of the person? Go to the menu at the top of every page and click Contact Us. You’ll see a listing of all the EHS staff with photos and a description of our areas of responsibility. Click through to our organizational chart to see staff relationships and job titles. 

Forms and Tools 

On the EHS home page, to the right of the photo, look for a Forms and Tools link. Click to go to the Forms and Tools landing page with a variety of often-used, especially helpful links and forms, such as injury report and shipping requests. If you use the SHIELD database, this is where you’ll link to it. 


You’ll find an overall summary of training offered by EHS in two places: 

  • Training, on the top menu of every EHS page
  • The Training bar, on the EHS home page, to the right of the photo

Each session listed in the Training summary page links to the specific page that describes the training in more detail

More Useful Features on the Home Page

Shoes the next third of the home page with the News & Announcements, Twitter feed and events listings.

News & Announcements

Click the title of each news item to read the full article. Click the "All Announcements" button to see the News & Announcements archives.

The EHS Twitter Feed 

The EHS Twitter feed will regularly tweet safety headlines from around the country and keep you updated on the latest happenings within Princeton EHS.


Keep up with EHS sponsored and other safety-related events on campus.

Useful Information in the Footer

The EHS home page footer with Useful University Pages and EHS Library highlighted.

Useful University Pages 

EHS works cooperatively with several other University departments, including Public Safety, Risk Management, Employee Health Services and others. Links to each of these departments appear in the footer.

EHS Library 

Use the EHS Library for quick access to EHS publications and to our library of health and safety related policies, as well as issues of our Spotlight on Safety newsletter.

Useful Features on the Subject Pages

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Page with the breadcrumb trail and resources areas highlighted.

Use the ‘Breadcrumb’ Trail 

Are you deeply buried in one topic and need to get back to a previous or different page? You can always find a listing of the path you’ve followed on the left below the orange menu bar. This is called a ‘breadcrumb’ trail. Each part of the path is a link that will take you back to the specific page shown.


On some pages you can use the Resources section (on the right side of the page) to quickly find a relevant link or file or form. Here is an example from the Bloodborne Pathogen Training page providing a link directly to training page on the Princeton Learn Center website.


Finding Information on the EHS Website

There are variety of ways to navigate to the information you’re interested in, and often there are multiple routes from the same page. 

Start with the MegaMenu 

If you mouse over any of the five main menu items on the orange bar, a MegaMenu associated with that menu item will appear. This photo shows the main headings associated with Workplace & Construction Safety. Click within the mega menu on any heading of interest to go to a landing page that routes you to more topics under that heading.

Home page with the mega menu visible.

Start with the Main Menu Headings 

Instead of using the MegaMenu, you can directly click on the Main Menu item of interest on the top bar. If you want information about safety requirements for x-ray machine users, for instance, you can click on Laboratory & Research on the top bar. From the Laboratory & Research Safety landing page, click on Radiation Safety. From the Radiation Safety landing page (shown below), use the Menu bar on the left to click on X-Ray Machines.

Radiation Safety page with X-Ray Machines menu item and search box highlighted.

Start with the Search Function 

Use the Search field in the upper right corner of every page to enter your search terms of interest.