Mission and Values

EHS Mission Statement

The Princeton University Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) serves the University community by promoting health and safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance.  We are committed to developing a culture where safety and health are core values, adopted and practiced throughout all levels of the University, and to providing high quality consultation that facilitates the University’s mission of research, teaching and service.

EHS fosters partnerships with faculty, students, and staff to enable them to recognize risks and empower them to learn, discover, and work safely, and to minimize injuries, illnesses, environmental impact, and regulatory risks.  We accomplish this by providing exceptional service and leadership through program development, information and training, consultation, and periodic reviews of environmental health and safety practices and compliance with regulations and University policy.

Our Values


  • Be approachable and responsive, professional and courteous.
  • Provide high quality services in a timely manner.


  • Be honest, fair, ethical, consistent, and reliable.
  • Act as ambassadors of safety, health and environmental responsibility.
  • Practice good stewardship of Princeton University fiscal and environmental resources.


  • Find creative ways to solve problems.
  • Learn from our campus community and beyond; adapt innovative ideas to meet the needs of the university.


  • Treat everyone in the University community equitably with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • Make training, consultations and services accessible and understandable.
  • Strive to understand the work and study cultures within our campus community and their differing needs.


  • Focus on partnering rather than policing health, safety and compliance.
  • Foster robust relationships with our stakeholders and customers.


  • Strive to be recognized as leaders within the institution and our field.
  • Continuously support and encourage professional development of EHS staff to expand technical expertise and knowledge.