Staff Achievements and Departmental Honors

Princeton EHS looks to be a leader in our field and encourages staff involvement in industry groups, events, publications and research endeavors.


CSHEMA Award Ceremony Group Photo
Member of the Princeton facilities staff holds a "You've Been Caught" card.
Friend of Facilities Award Ceremony 2017
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Shaundree Davis, Assistant Director, Environmental Health  

  • Chair, Chapter Operations Committee of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). 
  • Area Director-Metro Area, ASSP Region VIII, which encompasses nine northeastern states including New Jersey.

Kelly States, Director, Campus Safety and Health

  • Secretary, Penn-Jersey Chapter of the ASSP

Derek Ziegler, Assistant Director for Emergency Preparedness

  • Chair, CSHEMA Emergency Management Community of Practice

Robin Izzo, Assistant Vice President, EHS

  • Co-Chair, Partnerships Subcommittee, Committee on Chemical Safety, American Chemical Society
  • Chair-Elect, Division of Chemical Health and Safety, American Chemical Society
  • Reviewer, ACS Journal Chemical Health and Safety
Kelly and Shaundree in the French Quarter

EHS Senior Program Manager Shaundree Davis (right) and Assistant Director Kelly States (left) hold leadership positions in the American Society of Safety Professionals. Both are shown at the ASSP 2019 safety conference in New Orleans. 

Speaking Engagements

A partial list of recent speaking engagements, conferences and symposia in which EHS staff members have been involved.  

Robin Izzo, Assistant Vice President, EHS

  • Panel: Exploring the Intersection of Public Health and Environmental Health and Safety, Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA). Phoenix, AZ. July 2022.
  • Panel: Managing and Leading EH&S in the New Normal, CSHEMA. Phoenix, AZ. July 2022.
  • Safety, Professionalism, and Ethics, CSHEMA. Phoenix, AZ. July 2022.
  • ACS Safety Leadership Workshop, American Chemical Society. 6-hour web-based workshop. April 2021 and May 2022.
  • 21st Century Approach to Safety, Higher Education Risk Management Conference. San Antonio, TX. April 2022.
  • Tillmanns-Skolnik Award Presentation: Bruce Lee and Safety Leadership, American Chemical Society. Virtual. April 2021.
  • Keynote: Lab Safety Risk Assessment, SEHSA Environmental Health and Safety Association of NY Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY. November 2019.
  • The Periodic Table of the Elements of Safety, CSHEMA. Indianapolis, IN. July 2019.

Steve Elwood, Director of Research Safety

  • Service When? Service Now! CSHEMA. Virtual. July 2021.

Meagan Fitzpatrick, Assistant Director and Biosafety Officer

  • Let’s Split the Bill! Jointly Funding EHS Roles. CSHEMA. Virtual. July 2021. (With Steve Elwood)

Stanley Howell, Program Manager for Chemical Safety

  • Water Safety Challenges in the Laboratory, American Chemical Society. San Diego. August 2019.

Kelly States, Director, Campus Safety and Health

  • Turning Your Story into Their Story. CSHEMA Symposium on Storytelling. Princeton, NJ. Oct. 2022. 

Joan Hutzly, Laboratory Safety Specialist

  • My Stories: Valuable Lessons Learned. CSHEMA Symposium on Storytelling. Princeton, NJ. Oct. 2022. 

Shaundree Davis, Assistant Director, Environmental Health

  • From Curation to Containment: One Journey Toward Making our Campus Art Collection Safer. CSHEMA Symposium on Storytelling. Princeton, NJ. Oct. 2022. 

Jim Sturdivant, Sr. Communications Specialist

  • From Anecdote to Epic: Turning Workplace Tales into Engaging (and Instructive) Stories. CSHEMA Symposium on Storytelling. Princeton, NJ. Oct. 2022. 


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