Protective Clothing for Radioisotope Users

Gloves, a full-length laboratory coat, and closed-toe shoes, are required to be worn by any person working with an open radioactive source in an amount equal to or exceeding 0.01 times the quantity given in Appendix C of the Radiation Safety Guide for any radioisotope, if such work creates a reasonable potential for contamination. For the most commonly used isotopes, these quantities are 1 µCi for C-14, 10 µCi for H-3, 0.01 µCi for I-125, 0.1 µCi for P-32, and 1 µCi for S-35. However, it is recommended that appropriate protective clothing, including gloves, a full-length laboratory coat, and closed-toe shoes should be worn at all times for work with any open radioactive source, regardless of the source activity. Wearing sandals or open-toed shoes, when handling the quantities specified above, is prohibited.

Adopted by Radiation Safety Committee

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Colt Greer
Radiation Safety Officer