Current Guidelines for Aerosol Generating Performing Arts Activities

Singing and playing wind instruments generates large amounts of aerosols and thus poses a higher risk of spreading COVID-19. Wearing a specialized mask when conducting these activities, as well as placing filtering bell covers on wind instruments, significantly reduces this risk.

The following guidelines are currently in effect for all curricular and co-curricular aerosol generating performing arts activities. They will be periodically reassessed based on recommendations from the University’s Pubic Health Implementation Team (PHIT).


There are no restrictions at this time; however, bell covers are recommended. As possible, maintain at least 8 feet of physical distance between the performers and others.



  • ASTM Level 3 or NATS-TMF Vocal Performance Masks* must be worn during all indoor singing activities, including rehearsals and classroom instruction.

Playing Wind Instruments:

  • ASTM Level 3 masks* with a slit opening must be worn and tightly fitted instrument bell covers fashioned out of ASTM level 3 mask material or made of MERV-13 or higher filter material must be used.
  • Absorptive drip pads must be used by all individuals playing wind instruments indoors.

*Other commercially available options will be reviewed by EHS on a case-by-case basis.


  • The measures outlined above apply to performances. If there are compelling reasons why these measures are not possible during a performance, contact EHS at to assess the feasibility of alternatives.
  • Follow the Guidance for Conferences and Events.


Date: September 3, 2021

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