Having a Safe Holiday? We're Checking it Twice!

Dec. 10, 2019

Naughty, nice... which list are you on? This year's EHS holiday card reminds you to stay on the "nice" side of the ledger when it comes to practicing safety.

On the scroll below are pictures depicting right and wrong ways to protect yourself and others, whether your day involves construction, electrical safety, lab work or simply going about your business with an eye to safety.

This year and every year, be safe—for goodness' sake!

2019 EHS Holiday Card

"Nice" Examples, From Top: Researcher using proper PPE and protocol while working with hazardous substance; students holding a poster for the TigerSafe campus safety app; EHS Director "Super Robin" Izzo analyzing sample for presence of radioactive material; construction workers holding "You've Been Caught" cards handed out by EHS during our summer 2019 Safe + Sound campaign

“Naughty” Examples, From Top: Incompatible chemicals stored together; people out on ledge repairing air conditioner; shopping carts blocking fire door; damaged electrical cord on wet floor.