Emergency Coordinator Program

The emergency coordinator team is an integral part of each building's Emergency Action Plan. Emergency coordinators are designated individuals within each department, office or program who are charged helping to establish an emergency action plan, helping to share the plan with building occupants and acting as a liaison with emergency responders and departmental personnel.

Listing of Emergency Coordinators, by Building

Before an Emergency

Emergency coordinators help to establish emergency action plans and update the plans annually, making sure to share the contents of the plan with building occupants. They conduct risk assessments for their department or office to help determine if certain types of emergencies are more likely and prepare accordingly. Emergency coordinator training is offered periodically by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety and the Department of Public Safety. The training covers the role of the emergency coordinator, how to conduct risk assessments, how to recognize facility-related issues and how to respond to certain types of situations.

During an Emergency

Emergency coordinator team members do not have any rescue responsibilities during an actual emergency. If they are present and it is safe to do so, they should carry out the action items in their building's emergency action plan.

After an Emergency

After an emergency, the emergency coordinator team can participate in a debrief with Public Safety or Environmental Health & Safety to determine if any changes should be adapted to the Emergency Action Plan. Any changes should be communicated to building occupants.



Derek Ziegler
Assistant Director for Emergency Preparedness