Fire Emergencies

Fire emergencies are one of the most common types of emergencies on campus. This page is designed to help you learn how to prevent fires, know what to do if you discover a fire and know where to go for more information on fire safety.

Fire Prevention

  • Maintain proper housekeeping to keep emergency escape routes clear
  • Limit quantities of flammable liquids in laboratories and shops. Flammable liquid storage cabinets may be required where large amounts are present
  • Keep storage of combustible materials such as cardboard boxes to a minimum. 
  • Maintain electrical wiring in good condition and use extension cords for temporary use only

What to Do if You Discover a Fire

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station
  • Close doors as you exit to contain the fire
  • Evacuate the building through the nearest exit. Do not use elevators.
  • Go to the designated assembly area for the building.
  • Call the Department of Public Safety at 609-258-3333 or 911 from a campus phone or activate a blue light phone as soon as you can safely do so.
  • If you are not able to exit the building, call the Department of Public Safety and tell the dispatcher of your exact location
  • Do not re-enter the building under any circumstance until authorized to do so by Department of Public Safety personnel.

For More Information


Twylen Hicks
Associate Fire Marshal

Kelly States
Director of Campus Safety and Health