Theater Safety

The information on the following pages is intended for student-run theater groups. Information is applicable to all members of the theater community including directors, performers, crew, stage managers, and front-of-house personnel. Any questions or comments regarding this manual should be directed to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).

The manual is designed to follow a production from planning stages to strike.  It is divided into primary sections such as event planning, event registration, emergency procedures, set design & construction, lighting & sound, cast & crew, performance and strike.

Sources of Assistance/Roles and Responsibilities

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Student (ODUS) – The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students is a primary source of support for all student organizations and is available to provide advice for students organizing new groups and planning programs and events.  The staff maintains financial records of student organizations, handles financial transactions (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) and produces monthly balance statements.  Please refer to the Princeton University Student Organization website for more information.

Program in Theater - The Program in Theater hosts the Marie and Edward Matthews ‘53 Acting Studio at 185 Nassau Street and the Roger S. Berlind ’52 Theatre at the McCarter Theatre Center. Technical staff from the Program in Theater act as resources for students working on course work from the Lewis Center for the Arts.

University Fire Marshal – The University Fire Marshal provides assistance for fire code-related issues such as occupancy, seating arrangements, decorations, productions in spaces not normally used for assembly, etc. The Fire Marshal must also be contacted when the production involves open flames or pyrotechnic devices such as flashpots. The Fire Marshal is part of the Public Safety Department located at 200 Elm Drive, and can be reached at [email protected]

Event and Venue Support Services – Campus Venue Services provides planning, production and house management services for arts events and operational support for venues throughout the campus.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) – EHS provides health and safety services to the University community through technical support, information and training programs, consulting services, and periodic auditing of health and safety practices and regulatory compliance.  The EHS web page contains information on a number of topics including hand and power tools, chemical safety, personal protective equipment, electrical safety related work practices, ladder safety, spill cleanup procedures, and waste disposal.



Kelly States
Director of Campus Safety and Health