Information for University Contractors and Vendors

All University contractors and vendors who provide services on campus or in University-owned or leased buildings must comply with New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines and the most recent version of Governor Murphy’s executive orders regarding essential construction activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples of vendors who provide services include those who work on campus for extended periods of time, including moving companies and equipment repair firms.


  • A face covering that complies with NJDOH and/or CDC guidelines must be worn at all times when providing services on campus.
  • Social distancing practices must be followed at all times. Activities that do not allow for social distancing must be reviewed and approved by the vendor or contractor’s primary University contact.
  • Vendors who provide services or contractors must notify, within 24 hours, their primary University contact if an employee reports:
    • Being tested for COVID-19
    • Testing positive for COVID-19
  • The University must be notified of any vendor or contractor who worked on University property up to 3 days prior to onset of symptoms for the ill worker.
  • The Contractor must maintain daily project reports which record all visitors, vendors and workers present on site each day. If a contractor employee is tested or confirmed positive for COVID-19, the Contractor shall report to the University the names of all project workers/visitors up to three (3) days prior to the onset of the individual’s symptoms.
  • If a contractor’s or vendor’s employee is tested or tests positive for COVID-19, the contractor is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting renovation/construction spaces and all surfaces that may have been contacted by the individual, including break areas, elevators, stairwells, restrooms. Contractor must follow CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection and use products that are effective against the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • If a contractor or vendor employee has been tested or tests positive for COVID-19, the ill person’s name and contact information must be provided to the University project manager or primary contact. Environmental Health and Safety will interview the ill person to identify University affiliates who may have been in close contact with the ill contractor/vendor.

The affected contractor may return to Princeton University upon receipt of clearance from his/her healthcare provider or local health department. Clearance procedures must also comply with NJ Department of Health requirements. The contractor should submit documentation to the Princeton University project manager stating that the employee has been cleared to return to work (by whom) and in accordance with NJDOH requirements. (Please do not submit confidential medical information.)

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