PI Plan Workflow

Principal Investigators

  • Obtain Research Lab Operations Plan Template (DFR Website)
  • Complete template describing how research will be conducted during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Describe operations under each of the four levels of operation
      • ‘Fully Operational’ - Level 1
      • ‘Phased Resumption’ – Level 2
      • ‘Essential Operations’ – Level 3
      • ‘Operations Suspended’ – Level 4
  • Upon completion of the plan upload the document to SHIELD to initiate the review process

Note: If you cannot find your lab group’s page in SHIELD, contact ehs@princeton.edu for assistance


  • Click the ‘My Account’ link found near the bottom of the left side toolbar
    • Browse to your main group page by clicking the ‘[PI NAME] Lab’ link

PI Shield Workflow 1

  • Upon arriving on the main group page, click on the tab labeled ‘Documents.’

PI Shield Workflow 2

  • Next select 'Attach a New Document'

PI Shield Workflow 3

  • Select File Type – ‘Manual/Documentation’ from the dropdown dialog
  • Click the 'Browse' button to select the file to be uploaded from its storage location
  • Enter Description – ‘Research Operations Plan
  • Submit to upload document

PI Shield Workflow 4

  • The file is upoaded and listed under the lab's 'Documents' tab.

PI Shield Workflow 5

  • To modify an uploaded document click the File Name of the document to be edited. 
  • On the resulting dialog box, select to open the document in MS Word. 

PI Shield Workflow 6

  • Make any edits needed and upload new version of the plan following the instructions above. 
    • SHIELD will automatically track successive versions of the document maintaining the Date Uploaded and Submitted By information.

Note: Uploaded documents can be downloaded/viewed by all lab members; however, only those given system permissions may upload documents.