Ordering Personal Protective Equipment and Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment and Supplies

During the current situation, personal protective equipment and disinfection supplies may be difficult to order, orders may be canceled, or departments may experience long lead times. As departments plan for resumption of operations, please consider the following guidance:

How Much To Order

It may be helpful to think in 30/60/90-day timeframes. Please do not hoard supplies and consider slowly restoring reserves over several months. Departments should carefully calculate anticipate weekly use rates in order to make accurate requests of a monthly supply.

Current Availability (04/14/2021)

Please check this page weekly as items may change as the market becomes more or less restrictive.

Unrestricted Items - Departments may order on the marketplace as needed but may have longer lead times due to intermittent supply disruptions. EHS may be able to provide interim supplies if needed.

  • Nitrile and vinyl gloves

Restricted Items (Order these items through the EHS COVID-19 PPE and Supplies order form)

  • Cloth face coverings (Please see the University Face Covering Policy for requirements for cloth face coverings. EHS does not endorse or approve any particular product or vendor.)
  • Disposable surgical masks/face coverings
  • Disposable surgical gowns
  • Hand sanitizer individual bottles (requests to have dispensers in public areas placed or refilled should be referred to the Facilities Service Center at 8-8000)
  • Disinfectant wipes for administrative and non-lab areas
  • Face shields


Procurement can assist

Departments may experience shortages or delays for items not identified here. Departments may identify suppliers they are interested in working with for the hard-to-find items (which may require evaluation of samples by EHS, or the available volume may satisfy other department’s needs).  Suppliers may require higher risk terms and conditions such as a significant payment at time of order.

Should any of these be the case, please contact Procurement.


Guidance for Disinfection of Lab Surfaces

Laboratory members are responsible for developing plans to promote good laboratory hygiene by regularly disinfecting common laboratory areas and touch points (e.g., doorknobs, sink handles, freezer doors, telephones) within the laboratory space.

SARS-CoV-2 should be inactivated with most common EPA-registered household disinfectants including solutions that contain:

  • 62 – 90% Ethanol or isopropanol (70% recommended)
  • 1-5% bleach in water solutions (made fresh daily)
  • >0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide.

If you wish to use other disinfectants, please select from this list: