Princeton Playbook: Approval to Work on Campus

The decision to return employees to work on campus prior to August 29, 2021 rests with the individual department or office.

Individuals who have been working remotely and have entered information into VacStatus, may wish to return to their campus workplace. Please work with your manager to determine if that is allowed or encouraged. As noted in the recent letter from Lianne Sullivan-Crowley and Sanjeev Kulkarni, employees are still expected to return to work on campus by August 29, 2021.

Employees who are not currently in the asymptomatic testing program will need to be enrolled and will need to be tested once per week if they are fully vaccinated and twice per week if they are not vaccinated or do not have verified vaccination records in VacStatus.

If a department or office wishes to return employees prior to August 29, 2021:

  1. Employees expected to report to campus regularly must be enrolled in the asymptomatic testing program. The asymptomatic test roster is updated weekly. Please submit changes to by Wednesday each week at 4:30 p.m in order to enroll an employee by the following week.
  2. Employees must upload their vaccine status using the VacStatus Portal or using the TigerSafe App.
  3. Ensure employees who are not fully vaccinated complete a daily symptom check prior to reporting each day of work
  4. Academic, administrative and residential buildings will remain accessible to appropriate faculty, staff and students by card access only. 
  5. Follow the Guidance on Returning University Spaces to Original Layouts
  6. Please reference the updated Guidance on Gatherings, Meetings and Events
  7. New space modifications or ventilation assessments for previously unoccupied spaces will not be supported.