Hand Washing and Hygiene

Good personal hygiene must be followed by those handling or serving foods:

  • Hair properly restrained (baseball hat, headband, scarf, etc.)
  • No use of tobacco or eating while handling or serving foods
  • Remove jewelry
  • Wash hands
    • Hand washing facilities, including warm water, soap and disposable paper towels must be readily accessible for all those who are handling food.                                         
    • If your event is being held outdoors, and you do not have access to handwashing sinks:
    • Alcohol hand gel with at least 60% alcohol can be used in place of running water, soap and towels, if food served can’t support the growth of harmful organisms that can cause food-borne illnesses.
      Examples:  Alcohol gel can be used for hand hygiene at food events that serve items that don’t require refrigeration, such as pretzels, popcorn, bagels,  s’mores, hot beverages, baked goods

If food is being prepared by students or food must be kept hot or cold after cooking, a handwashing unit, with clean water, soap and disposable towels must be available.  Units can be rented through Building Services .

Contact EHS if you have questions about your outdoor event and the need for hand washing units.


Shaundree Davis
Assistant Director, Environmental Health