Preparing Food For an Event

  • Purchase food from approved sources, such as grocery stores that are licensed by the health department.   Do not use home-processed foods, except if preparing baked goods such as cookies and cakes that do not need to be refrigerated for a bake sale.  Never use home canned goods.
  • Food must be prepared and stored in a licensed kitchen.  
  • Meet with representatives of EHS and Princeton Regional Health Department to review your temporary food service permit.
  • Keep potentially hazardous foods* cold (below 41o F) or hot (above 135oF).
  • Preparation of meat dishes or other potentially hazardous foods a day ahead of time is strongly discouraged because such procedures have frequently contributed to foodborne illness.
  • Thawing of foods must not be done at room temperature.  Thaw under refrigeration, in a microwave oven or as part of the cooking process.
  • Foods that are to be reheated prior to service must be heated quickly to a minimum of of 165oF and held above 135oF until serviced.  Sterno is designed to hold foods hot, not to reheat to a temperature of 165oF.
  • Cook these meats,  or foods containing them,  to the indicated minimum internal temperatures:

    • Pork                                   145oF
    • Poultry                                165oF
    • Ground beef, meats, fish    155oF






Shaundree Davis
Assistant Director, Environmental Health