Purchasing Food from a Restaurant or Caterer

  • All foods must be prepared by a food facility that is licensed and has received a Satisfactory rating from a regional health department within the last 12 months.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the Health Certificate.

  • Food should be transported as quickly as possible, and not until just prior to the commencement of the event.

  • Food should be transported in a clean vehicle and covered or wrapped during this period to protect it from contamination and to maintain its temperature. It is highly recommended that the food vendor deliver the food.

  • Food should be covered when displayed for public access or kept in a manner such that contamination or handling from the public cannot occur.

  • Keep potentially hazardous foods cold (below 41o F) or hot (above 135o F). You may not use sternos or steam to reheat a dish that has been delivered cold and is to be served hot.

  • Food must be served within an hour of delivery to the event site.


Shaundree Davis
Assistant Director, Environmental Health