Laboratory Security Policy

Safeguarding University resources from unauthorized access, misuse or removal is a duty of all faculty and staff. In laboratories, this obligation rests primarily with the Principal Investigator; however, all laboratory personnel have a responsibility to take reasonable precautions against theft or misuse of materials, particularly those that could threaten the public. Any extraordinary laboratory security measures should be commensurate with the potential risks and imposed in a manner that does not unreasonably hamper research.

At a minimum, the institution expects all laboratory personnel to comply with the following security procedures:

  • Question the presence of unfamiliar individuals in laboratories and report all suspicious activity immediately to Public Safety by calling 8-3134
  • After normal business hours, all laboratories must be locked when not in use
  • During the workday, locking of unoccupied laboratories is strongly encouraged. At a minimum, lab entry doors should be kept closed when the space is unoccupied
  • Distribution of keys and granting of clearances for electronic access to laboratories should be limited to personnel with a demonstrated need

Laboratory building exterior doors are secured after normal business hours. To minimize the likelihood of unauthorized access, all after-hours building users should:

  • Avoid providing building access to unfamiliar individuals
  • Secure doors behind them
  • Immediately report any building security problem to Public Safety at 8-3134.

Research or other activities involving the use of lab space, materials or equipment without the knowledge and approval of the responsible Principal Investigator is strictly prohibited. Violation of this prohibition may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Adopted April 8th, 2010 by the University Research Board

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Steve Elwood
Associate Director