Laboratory and Research Safety

Animal Research Health and Safety

The Animal Research Health and Safety Program provides guidance and information on controlling your exposure to hazards while conducting studies involving animal models.

Biological Safety

The Biological Safety Program provides guidance to facilitate safe and responsible research with biological agents that can cause disease or be harmful to humans.

Chemical Safety

The Chemical Safety Program provides information and resources associated with chemical use and storage at Princeton University. 

Green Labs

There are numerous ways that laboratory workers can reduce the impact that our laboratories have on the environment. All laboratory workers are asked to consider pollution prevention opportunities for all of their operations. This includes reducing or eliminating chemical use and chemical waste production; substituting less hazardous materials;…

Lab Specific Safety Training

Per University policy, all individuals conducting work in Princeton University laboratories, paid or unpaid, including faculty, staff, students and visitors, must attend Laboratory Safety Training provided by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Laboratory Safety

The Laboratory Safety Program provides training, information, support and equipment to help researchers work safely in the laboratory.

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Program provides guidance and oversight to users of radiation producing devices and radioactive material on campus.