Spills outside of a containment device

When the spill is not inside of a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), centrifuge, or other lab equipment, close off spill area to traffic, and notify coworkers.

1. If the spill may involve an aerosol, instruct all occupants to leave the room for 30 minutes to allow aerosols to settle. Aerosols can form if material is dropped. Place a sign on the door warning staff not to enter the room due to a spill.

2. Remove contaminated lab coat or clothing and wash exposed skin.

3. Put on clean gloves and lab coat.

4. Prepare enough volume of a 1:10 dilution of chlorine bleach or other approved disinfectant to saturate the contaminated area.

5. Contain the spill with paper towels or other absorbent material such as bench liners.

6. Flood the spill area with disinfectant. Leave on for 10 minutes.

7. Push the absorbent material at the edge of the spill into the spill's center. Add more paper towels as needed.

8. If glass is present, use tongs or forceps and a dustpan to remove pieces and place into a sharps container.

9. Discard the paper towels into a regulated medical waste container.

10. Using clean paper towels and a disinfectant, wipe all surfaces that may have come in contact with the spilled material.

11. Discard gloves into regulated medical waste container.

12. Wash hands thoroughly.

13. Autoclave an overtly contaminated lab coat prior to placing into laboratory laundry bag.

14. Notify Principal Investigator or Supervisor and the EHS Biosafety Officer (609-258-5294).