Rodent, Marmoset Bites, Scratches and Exposures


  • Immediately wash with copious quantities of soap and water.
  • If eyes or mucous membranes are exposed, irrigate the area for at least 15 minutes at a plumbed eyewash.


  • If an injury is life-threatening or you need transport assistance, call 911 from a University phone or 609 258 3333 from a cell phone.
  • Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,  seek treatment at University Health Services. Ask a co-worker to call ahead (609 258 5035).
  • For exposures that occur during evening and weekend hours, contact the Department of Public Safety and request transport to the Emergency Room at University Medical Center Princeton Plainsboro.


  • Report all exposures to:
    •  your immediate supervisor and Principal Investigator
  • Principal Investigators are responsible for reporting exposure incidents to EHS Biosafety.
  • EHS Biosafety will perform a follow-up investigation of the incident.