Destruction and Disposal - Controlled Substances

EHS schedules CDS destructions periodially, as needed, throughout the year. Once researchers request a CDS destruction, EHS coordinates and performs the destruction arranging a Public Safety Officer to serve as witness. The destructions follow protocol approved by The State of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs Drug Control Unit.

Disposal of CDS Material

  • Unwanted, expired or otherwise unusable material is destroyed via chemical oxidation and the resulting solution is managed by EHS through the university's chemical waste program.
  • The destruction is documented on each CDS usage log, and is also recorded in a Destruction of Controlled Material log (see 'Resources') maintained by EHS.

Disposal of Empty Vials, Needles/Syringes

  • Empty vials, bottles, and needles/syringes are disposed in regulated medical waste.
    • To qualify as empty, a vial must contain a quantity that cannot be withdrawn from the container using reasonable means, referred to as a "heal."
    • All empty containers must have their labeling destroyed in such a way that the label can no longer be read.
  • Needles and syringes must be discarded via approved medical waste sharps containers. When full, sharps containers must be placed in regulated medical waste boxes for final disposal.
  • All boxes and outer packaging should be defaced in such a way that the original contents of the package cannot be discerned.  Outer packaging from CDS containers can then be recycled (e.g., paper/cardboard), or disposed of in the laboratory trash/refuse.


Stephen Elwood
Associate Director

Stanley Howell
Sr. Program Manager
Chemical Safety

Meagan Fitzpatrick
Biosafety Officer