Purchasing - Controlled Dangerous Substances

DEA Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) purchase requisitions are reviewed and approved by EHS.

Departmental Purchasing Agent

To ensure timely review of CDS purchases be sure to observe the following.

  • Order using the university's Central Purchasing System - Princeton PRIME
    • Ensure the appropriate purchasing category is selected
      • Purchasing Category = '51000000'
      • Category Description = 'DEA Controlled Substances'
      • Click to view PRIME purchasing 'category tree'
EHS Review/Approval

EHS is notified via email upon department approval of CDS requisitions.

  • EHS staff review the following prior to approving CDS orders.
    • Confirm Principal Investigator/Authorization
    • Review quantity ordered against proposed use plan
    • Provide CDS vendor with proof of license
    • Approve


Steve Elwood
Associate Director

Stanley Howell
Sr. Program Manager
Chemical Safety

Meagan Fitzpatrick
Biosafety Officer