Spills in a centrifuge

Spills or breakage of containers inside of an operating centrifuge pose a serious potential for exposure due to the creation of aerosols. If a primary container has broken in a centrifuge without a closed rotor or bucket, immediately suspend use, notify lab staff and PI and request assistance from the Biosafety Officer.
For suspected or confirmed spills/breakage in any centrifuge, wait at least 30 minutes after the centrifuge has stopped operating to initiate clean-up.

1. Put on lab coat, gloves and a face shield prior to opening centrifuge. Open carefully to assess the damage.

2. If the spill is contained within a closed cup, bucket or rotor, spray the exterior with disinfectant and allow at least 10 minutes of contact time. Remove the carrier to the nearest biosafety cabinet (BSC). If a biosafety cabinet is not available, close the centrifuge, post a sign to indicate it cannot be used. Notify the PI and Biosafety Office for assistance.

3. If a BSC is available, gather supplies needed, such as a sharps container for broken glass and bins filled with disinfectant and place into the BSC. Use forceps to remove broken glass and place directly into sharps container. Carefully remove any unbroken tubes and place into a bin filled with disinfectant for 20 minutes. Wipe carrier/bucket with disinfectant.

4. After disinfection, carrier, bucket or rotor should be washed with a mild soap and water.

5. Spray the interior of the centrifuge chamber with a disinfectant, let sit for 20 minutes and then wipe down.

6. Remove protective clothing and wash hands.