Field Research

Research in the field is an integral part of the research experience at Princeton University.  Princeton has researchers traveling all over the world from highest mountains to the deepest caves and everything in between.  These researchers encounter a variety of extreme environments and undertake every outdoor activity imaginable.  Travel takes them all over the world and the planning and preparation for this travel ecompasses a varity of offices at Princeton University.  Please contact Environmental Health and Safety if you have any safety concerns prior to your trip.  Also, do not forget to meet with University Health Services' Travel Medicine Team.  Be sure to speak with your advisor and departmenal travel coordinator to ensure that your plans are in order before leaving.  The following are helpul links:

EHS can assist with the following:

  • Permits and shipping for samples and materials
  • Risk assessments for you planned activities

Please contact EHS for more information.


Meagan Fitzpatrick
Assistant Director and Biosafety Officer

Steve Elwood
Director For Research Safety