Laboratory Supervisors

Principal investigators (PI), lab managers and others assigned supervisory responsibilities in the labs are considered Lab Supervisors. Lab Supervisors bear unique responsibilities for both oversight of the Environmental and Safety programs within their labs and also for ensuring that their lab members have the materials and training needed to work safely.

Holden Thorp is the editor-in-chief of the Science family of publications and former chair of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Creating a Culture of Safety in Academic Chemical Research.  The Committee focuses on fostering safety culture in the research lab.  Dr. Thorp is a principal investigator and the Rita Levi-Montalcini Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry and Medicine at the University of Washington St. Louis.  Review a short video Dr. Thorp recorded during his tenure as Chair of the National Academy's Committee to see what he feels are the most important aspects of leading a research laboratory.

All lab supervisors are required to complete an EHS Lab Supervisor Briefing - a one-on-one orientation provided by EHS. Contact Steve Elwood at 609-258-6271 to schedule a briefing.

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Steve Elwood
Director for Research Safety

Meagan Fitzpatrick
Assistant Director and Biosafety Officer