Purchasing - Laser Equipment

Laser equipment purchase requisitions are reviewed and approved by EHS. 

Departmental Purchasing Agent

To ensure timely review of laser equipment purchases be sure to observe the following.

  • Order using the Central Purchasing System - Princeton PRIME
    • Ensure the appropriate purchasing category is selected
      • Purchasing Category = '41115307'
      • Category Description = 'Lasers'
      • Click to view PRIME purchasing 'category tree'

EHS Review/Approval

EHS is notified via email upon department approval of laser requisitions.

  • EHS staff review the following prior to approving laser orders.
    • Confirm area of use
    • Confirm Principal Investigator
    • Verify the training status of laboratory research staff
    • Approve

Actions - Post Approval

Laser Safety Officer will request:

  • List of research staff proposed to use laser equipment
  • Building/Room proposed for use
  • Intended use of laser equipment
  • An appointment to conduct laser safety survey


Stephen Elwood
Laser Safety Officer

Colt Greer
Sr. Program Manager