Laser Laboratory Inspections

Who conducts laser laboratory surveys/visits?

  • EHS staff conduct periodic inspections of research laboratories at least annually.
  • The focus of inspections is targeted based on the techniques and equipment used in those areas.

What criteria is used to evaluate the laser laboratory?

  • Items specified in ANSI Z136.1-2007, for Safe Use of Lasers are reviewed including:
    • Warning signage ( Class 4 Laser Sign.pdf)
    • Equipment labeling (e.g., class warning label, aperture, etc.)
    • Confirmation of training
    • Appropriate and adequate protective eyewear
    • Barriers and curtains present and fire-resistant
    • Non-beam hazards
      • High voltage
      • Compressed gas cylinders
      • Chemical exposure potential



Stephen Elwood
Laser Safety Officer

Colt Greer
Sr. Program Manager