SHIELD - General Setup

General Setup Wizard

Welcome to the SHIELD General Setup Wizard.  Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial for setting up your laboratory in both video and instructional guide formats.

Video Tutorial

Instructional Guide

To begin, please go to and login with your Princeton net ID and password. The general setup wizard should launch automatically; if it does not, click on the "start now" link in the compliance message center.

Shield Setup 1 - Welcome Screen



If you have not yet set up your lab, you will see the Laboratory Registration Wizard. Note that the registration process can be delegated to a lab manager or other senior member of the lab by clicking the "Delegate Now" link. Otherwise, to begin the setup process, click the link labeled "Continue to Laboratory Setup" 

Shield Setup 2 - Registration Wizard


The Laboratory Contact Information page will prompt you to enter the basic contact information for your laboratory. If it is not pre-populated, select your building and enter your room number, phone number and emergency shutdown status. Enter your department's seven-digit department number in the Mail Code field. Press “Submit” when finished.

Shield Setup 3 - Contact Info


Lab Category and Research Focus: Select the appropriate lab category, then enter a short description of your research. Many research groups simply copy and paste a paragraph from their research website. Press “Submit” when finished.

Shield Setup 4 - Lab Category and Research Focus


Lab Hazard Assessment: Identify all hazards present in the lab by clicking on the hazard type. Some hazard types will prompt additional options that allow you to more accurately describe the hazard. Blue help bubbles provide details of each hazard. Click "Submit" to move to the next section.

Shield Setup 5 - Lab Hazard Assessment



Laboratory Members: Enter the names of those affiliated with your lab group. As you begin typing the name of the individual, the system will provide a list of names for you to select from. Select each member’s role in your laboratory and click the "Lookup/Add" button to add each member to the lab. When you have finished adding members, click the "Done Adding Members" button. 

Shield Setup 6 - Adding Members


The next step is to Configure Activities by identifying the job activities your lab members perform. You have the option to assign job activities to all users at once by clicking the "Select For All" checkbox at the top of each column. You may also select items individually. The job activities are grouped in tabs according to hazard type: General, Biological, etc. Once you have selected all the activities, click “Submit”.

Shield Setup 7 - Configure Activities

Congratulations! Your Laboratory Setup is complete.

Following the setup process, you will be directed to the Welcome to Bioraft home screen for your laboratory. Any training non compliances, indicated by exclamation marks and red overdue notices, should be addressed immediately.

Shield Setup 8 - Lab Home Screen


If you have questions, reach out to the EHS office by phone at 609-258-5294 or email at: [email protected]