Training for Laboratory Personnel

Lab supervisors must ensure members of their labs are trained in the safe and proper practices for the procedures and materials used. A Lab Safety Orientation Checklist should be completed to ensure proper training level.  

General Laboratory Safety

Any person who works in a laboratory must receive training to become knowledgeable about potential hazards in the laboratory. Laboratory workers must complete an online course, Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety, followed by a in-person session given by EHS. Additional, more specific training from their department and/or supervisor may also be required.

This training covers the elements of the federal OSHA Laboratory Standard, references and resources, safety data sheets (SDS), personal protective equipment, fume hoods, chemical spill response, chemical waste disposal, flammable liquids, and compressed gases.  Additional information the Laboratory Safety Training Course.

To enroll in a class, go to the Employee Learning Center, click on Training by Department>Environmental Health and Safety>Laboratory Safety. Select and enroll in a scheduled Laboratory Safety Training class. A session may also be scheduled for your department or group. Contact Stanley Howell at 609-258-2711 for more information.

Laboratory Supervisor

This briefing reviews the responsibilities and University expectations of Principal Investigators and lab managers with supervisory responsibilities in the laboratory. The personal briefing includes an introduction to EHS; training requirements for laboratory workers; emergency preparedness, procedures and postings, personal protective equipment, lab inspections; pollution prevention and waste disposal; University policies; power issues; minors in the lab; particularly hazardous substances and processes; and other topics of interest.

Mandatory for Principal Investigators, lab managers and technical staff assigned responsibilities for environmental, health or safety issues.

Contact Steve Elwood at 609-258-6271 to schedule a personal briefing.

Dry Ice Shipping

This is a web-based training program for shippers of temperature sensitive, non-hazardous materials preserved with dry ice.

To enroll in a class, go to the Employee Learning Center, click on Training by Department>Environmental Health and Safety>eLearning.  Select and enroll in Shipping with Dry Ice course. Contact Steve Elwood at 609-258-6271 for more information.

For Other Research-Related Training




Steve Elwood
Director for Research Safety

Stanley Howell
Sr. Program Manager - Chemical Safety