Laboratory Safety Training Info

Laboratory Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Training is required for any person who works in a laboratory to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the potential hazards of working in a laboratory setting and aware of the resources available to work safely at Princeton University. 

The Laboratory Safety Training Course is composed of both on-line components accessible through the Employee Learning Center and an instructor-led session scheduled through the Employee Learning Center.

An outline the Laboratory Safety Training Course is shown below.

  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety 1-2:  Introduction to Lab Safety and Creating a Safe Working Environment
  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety 3:  Analyzing Hazards
  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety 4:  Controlling Exposures and Minimizing Risk
  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety 5:  Vigilance in the Laboratory
  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety Final Test
  • Laboratory Safety Training (Instructor-led)

You will only be able to sign up for the final instructor-led session once the preceding Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety sections have been completed.

Virtual Instructor-led Laboratory Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Training sessions that include (virtual) in the session name will be conducted via Zoom Meetings.  A guidance document to help orient you to the function in Zoom that will be used during the virtual training.  Enrollment for virtual sessions will be locked at noon the day before a session is scheduled.  After enrollment is locked, participants will be provided the meeting information via email.  If you have not received the meeting information on the day of the training or if you would like to try to enroll in a session that is already locked, please contact [email protected].

Transfer of Laboratory Safety Training Credits

The online Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety components are modules which were developed by a multi-institutional collaborative effort managed by the Safety Training Consortium (STC).  If your previous institution utilized the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety Training modules, you may be eligible to have credit for completing those courses transferred.  Please contact Stanley Howell and provide a copy of your transcript or completion certificates if you would like to see if you are eligible for credit.

All Princeton Researchers, including those who receive credit for the STC Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety Training modules will be required to complete the final in-person Laboratory Safety Training, which covers additional Princeton specific topics.

Trouble Completing the Laboratory Safety Training Course?

Below are some common issues that may be encountered while attempting to complete the components of the Laboratory Safety Training Course.

  1. I cannot register for the in-person lab safety training. 
    1. Make sure that you have completed all of the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety sections.  These will “unlock” your ability to sign up for the in-person session.
    2. The Employee Learning Center will typically collapse the list of available sessions.  Click on the “+” to the left of the course name, Laboratory Safety Training (One session required), to expand the list of available sessions.  You will then be able to click on the session name (which will include the date of the session) to enroll.
    3. See above note about the suspension of the in-person sessions in support of the university’s efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
  2. During the testing portion of the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety modules, I cannot select an answer.  The following steps often correct this issue.
    1. Log out of the Employee Learning Center.
    2. Close your browser (make sure to close all windows associated with that browser).
    3. Restart your browser.
    4. Log into the Employee Learning Center.
    5. Restart the module where you encountered the problem. (You can use the menu button three horizontal lines to open the outline of the module and jump to the test).
    6. If you are still not able to select an answer, contact Stanley Howell for additional assistance (please make sure to indicate the module).

If you encounter other difficulties completing your Laboratory Safety Training or have additional questions, please contact Stanley Howell for additional assistance.


Stanley Howell
Sr. Program Manager
Chemical Safety

Steve Elwood
Director for Research Safety