Radioactive Waste

5-Gallon Radioactive Waste Pail

This section includes information about the disposal of several different types of radioactive waste including solid waste, liquid waste, liquid scintillation counting wastes, mixed waste (waste that is both radioactive and chemically hazardous), and uranium and thorium wastes. 

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to see the specific procedures for each type of waste.

Preparing Waste Pails for Disposal

  1. Pull up the top of the yellow pail liner.  Close the neck of the bag and twist it.  Use the cable tie to close the bag securely.    
  2. Place the lid on the pail and twist the lid securely shut.
  3. Pail must not be overfilled – you must be able to seal the bag and close the pail. 
  4. Complete both halves of the the ID Tag.  Note that the Date on the tag is the date on which you deliver the pail to EHS. For long-lived wastes, you must enter the amount of radioactivity in the pail.  For short-lived waste, it is acceptable to check either the < 1 mCi or> 1 mCi boxes.

Removing Waste from Your Lab

  1. When the radioactive waste pails in your lab are filled or no longer needed, contact one of the waste collection staff listed in the Staff menu.  If your lab is located in Carl Icahn Laboratory, Guyot Hall, Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Moffett Laboratory or Schultz Laboratory, you will make an appointment to bring your waste pails to the Radioactive Waste Facility in Room 066, Moffett Laboratory.  If you work in any other building, you will make an appointment for EHS staff to pick up your waste pails. 
  2. Put your pails on a cart or carry them over.  Wear a lab coat and gloves.