Colt Greer Named University RSO

Jul. 12, 2022

Colt Greer, Senior Program Manager for Radiation Safety, is officially the Radiation Safety Officer for Princeton University as of June 2022. The announcement was made by EHS Associate Director for Laboratory and Research Safety Steve Elwood.

The RSO is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations and the safe use and handling of radioactive materials on campus. The role of RSO is a requirement associated with the University’s nuclear materials license issued and enforced by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Since his hiring in 2020, Colt’s position has included radiation safety, laser safety, waste disposal and the monitoring of radiation-producing equipment and materials under the supervision of Elwood, the previous RSO. Specialized training is necessary to assume the RSO position.

Contact Colt for matters related to radiation safety, radioactive materials, radiation-producing equipment, safety in research involving lasers and other nonionizing radiation, and for questions about radon. 

Colt Greer RSO