Contest: Safety Suggestions for Alyea Demonstration

Jun. 2, 2017

Hubert N. Alyea was a legend at Princeton, a brilliant, energetic professor of chemistry and evangelist for science and innovation.

He was also a showman, well-known for his eye-popping demonstrations utilizing smoke and pyrotechnics, earning him the nickname “Dr. Boom.”

Professor Alyea’s show was a highlight of Reunions for many years, and the tradition continues today with the annual Alyea Memorial Demonstration Lecture at Frick Laboratory. (The demonstration takes place this year at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 3 in Frick’s Taylor Auditorium.) 

Contest: Make the Demo Safer!

While today's demonstration is as fun as ever for alumni and families, safety standards have changed a bit since Dr. Boom's heyday. 

Watch this video profile of Professor Alyea’s career. Suggest ways Alyea could have made his presentations safer—for himself and his audience—and enter to win prizes from EHS. 

Tweet your suggestions to @PrincetonEHS, send us a message on Facebook or email responses to by June 7. We’ll announce the winners soon after.