EHS Holding Peroxide Amnesty Day

Oct. 25, 2018

All peroxide formers submitted for Peroxide Formers Amnesty Day will be removed without cost to your lab. 

Submit materials by Oct. 30. In the future, labs will be responsible for the high disposal cost of expired peroxide formers.

If your lab has bottles of chemical reagents of unknown age that could contain unstable peroxides, or that have visible signs of peroxide formation (crystal formation, cloudiness, liquid stratification) DO NOT OPEN. Submit these materials to our Peroxide Formers Amnesty Day! Fill out the attached form with all materials you would like to dispose and submit by 10/30.


Why are Peroxides Dangerous? 

Certain chemicals can form dangerous peroxides upon exposure to air and light. Once formed, peroxides may detonate with extreme violence when concentrated by evaporation or distillation, when combined with other compounds, or when disturbed by heat, shock, or friction. Formation of peroxides is accelerated in opened and partially emptied containers. 

How do I Prevent Peroxide Formation? 

Bottles of peroxide formers must be dated. Peroxide formers should be used or disposed prior to their expiration date. If a bottle of a peroxide former is regularly used and passes its expiration date, it may be tested for peroxides and remain in use as long as it is tested regularly. Contact EHS for testing procedure.
For more information about peroxide formers, including a list of known peroxide formers and their expiration dates, see the following link: