EHS Welcomes Three New Staffers

Oct. 2, 2020

We can't say enough about the newest members of our EHS team, who have performed spectacularly despite diving into a new job in the midst of a pandemic, playing critical roles in preparing for, and ensuring, the safe resumption of operations on campus.

Ryan Carney

Ryan Carney 

Senior Safety Specialist

Ryan joined Princeton EHS in April. A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University (BS, Public Health), he has an industrial hygiene and safety engineering background. Since arriving, Ryan's primary role has been helping to manage and deliver PPE and supplies to members of the campus community. 

Going forward, his primary responsibilities will include conducting workplace incident investigations and serving as the health and safety liaison for various departments on campus. 

"The thing that I like most about my work is the opportunity to help ensure that people are working in a safe and healthy environment that allows them to return home to their family and friends and live the highest possible quality of life outside of work."

Meagan Fitzpatrick 

Senior Laboratory Safety Specialist

Meagan arrived at the University in May after a stint as an EHS officer in the pharmaceutical industry. Before this, she was the Biosafety Officer at Georgia Tech. Meagan earned a BS in Biology and Chemistry with a Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology at Loyola University, Maryland, and an MPH in Environmental Health at Emory University.

Meagan works out of our office but sits in both EHS and the School of Engineering & Applied Science, ensuring SEAS faculty, staff and students have a direct point of contact for their safety needs. She conducts lab surveys and incident investigations, ships dangerous goods and assists labs with risk assessments.

"I love working and connecting with people on campus, learning about the incredible research and work that they do, and applying my EHS skills to ensure that they can accomplish their missions safely."

Chris Niles

Senior Laboratory Safety Specialist

Chris came to us in May from the University of Delaware, where he played a similar role in their EHS office. He earned a bachelors degree in environmental science at Elizabethtown College.

Chris works in laboratory and chemical safety, handling waste orders and other duties related to hazardous materials and consulting in best practices for laboratory safety.

"Even though I haven’t gotten to experience the full extent of our office and the interactions between departments and groups on campus, I have been able to meet a number of great individuals who show what a great community Princeton is."