Fisher Announces Recall of Aluminum Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Oct. 14, 2018

Thermo Fisher Scientific is conducting a recall of certain aluminum liquid nitrogen dewars.

These dewars are intended for storage of liquid nitrogen and scientific samples in liquid nitrogen.

Reason For Recall

The Icahn Lab has been informed by their supplier about a recall affecting LN2 dewars sold by Thermo Fisher Scientific. The supplier has found inadequate adhesion between the composite neck and aluminum body of the units, resulting in possible vacuum leaks. A leak would significantly decrease the insulation value of a dewar.

Affected dewars should be handled in accordance with the “actions to be taken” section below.

Product Information

The following catalog numbers and lot numbers are associated with this recall.

Catalog Numbers: 
BioCane: CK50921, CK50922, CK509X2, CK509X3, CK509X4, CK509X6
Locator & Locator Plus: CY50925, CY50925-70, CY50935, CY50935-70, CY50945, CY50945-70, CY50985, CY50985-70
Arctic Express & Dual: CY50905, CY50910, CY50910D, CY50915, CY50920
Transfer Vessels: TY509X1, TY509X2, TY509X3, TY509X4 

Risk To Health

Thermo Fisher Scientific has determined that there are no health risks associated with this recall. If the vacuum in the drawer is compromised, the insulation value will be reduced. This could cause a higher than expected usage rate of liquid nitrogen and a faster than expected warming of the contents of the dewars once the liquid nitrogen has all evaporated. If not carefully monitored, this could compromise samples stored in the dewars.

Actions to be Taken by the Customer/User

1. Determine if you are using or have inventory of an affected model and serial number
2. Discontinue use and transfer samples into a different storage container. 
3. Contact Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Service by email at:

Our technical service team will coordinate sending you a free replacement dewar. 

4. Dispose of the affected unit in accordance with all applicable regulations. 
5. Retain a copy of this letter for your laboratory records.
6. If you have sold or transferred an affected unit to another organization, please provide a copy of this letter to them.


Thermo Fisher Scientific (Asheville) LLC
401 Millcreek Rd 
Marietta, OH 45750

We appreciate your immediate attention to this recall. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your understanding as we take action to ensure customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact Thermo Fisher Scientific by email: