Got Batteries to Recycle? EHS Has the Charge

Jan. 10, 2019

EHS has been charged (see what we did there) with the collection and disposal of recyclable batteries around campus.

Before you shoot us an email or give us a ring, however, make note of the following requirements and procedures for recycling. 

Rechargeable and Non-Alkaline Batteries Only, Please

Princeton only recycles rechargeable and non-alkaline batteries: lithium-ion (used in laptops and cameras), nickel cadmium (commonly used for power tools), button cell (watch) and rechargeable C, D, AA and AAA batteries, generally marked “rechargeable,” "Ni-MH” or "lithium".

Alkaline batteries are NOT recycled by Princeton. Such batteries are not classified as hazardous waste and the recovery process uses more energy than would be saved by re-use. These batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash.

Lead-Acid (automobile) batteries are picked up by an outside vendor. Contact EHS for more information.

Battery Collection

EHS has set up collection buckets in several locations around campus. 

  • E-Quad A134 (outside of loading dock)
  • Moffett R033 (outside of loading dock)
  • Icahn M06 storage (outside of loading dock) 
  • Frick (outside of stockroom)
  • MacMillan (1st floor receiving; hallway outside of B22)

To request a pick-up of a full bucket, contact us at or fill out a Hazardous Waste Collection Form. 

If you do not work near one of these collection sites, you can request a battery pickup by emailing us at or calling 609-258-1545.

For more information, consult our Battery Disposal Quick Guide