Health and Safety Resolutions: 18 For '18

Jan. 5, 2018

Not all New Year's resolutions are created equal. We at Princeton EHS believe efforts to improve safety should be at the top of everyone's list. 

In honor of the brand new year and the 21st century's coming of age, we offer 18 health and safety resolutions for 2018. Keep them well! 

Emergency Preparedness


Leave your building from an exit you have never used before. Do you normally use an elevator when you leave a building? Switch things up and practice leaving using only stairs.


Make sure you’ll be notified if the University delays or cancels classes. Register on the PTENS User Portal and then manage your subscriptions.


Add Public Safety’s emergency number (609-258-3333) as a contact in your cell phone. In the event you need to report an emergency while on campus, this will help you reach dispatchers who are familiar with the University.


Download Princeton’s new health and safety app, TigerSafe. (ProTip: Next time you are walking somewhere alone, try out the “Friend Walk” feature within the app. This feature lets you allow a trusted friend to monitor your GPS location during your walk, until you select “Finish Trip” on your TigerSafe app. If you don’t make it to your destination safely, the friend watching your progress will be able to call for help.)

General Safety


Stop and take a moment for safety before proceeding with your job.


Think before you act.


Wear safety glasses every time you’re working in the lab or shop.


Wear a lab coat every time you’re working in the lab.


Limit clutter.

Environmental Consciousness


Do not mix hazardous and non-hazardous waste together.


Use secondary containment when containers are stored near the sink or on the floor.

Waste Compliance


Close hazardous waste containers when not actively using them.


Label all waste containers as soon as waste is placed in them.

Workplace Safety


Always wear eye protections (safety glasses or goggles) when eye hazards are present.


Always take more frequent trips with less weight rather than trying to carry everything in one trip.


Always use a cart or hand truck to move multiple boxes.


Get up and move at least once per hour!


Always check electrical plugs and cords for fraying and other damage and take equipment out of service if necessary.