This Holiday—Don't Be Like Bob!

Dec. 14, 2018

The Princeton EHS holiday card this year features our version of a funny meme, starring the nonplussed "Bob."

Bob is the kind of person who, usually unwittingly, provides an example of what one should or should not do in a certain situation. For this holiday season, we've put Bob in the embarassing (and painful) position of trying to hang decorations while standing on an office chair. 

In case the message is not clear: DON'T DO THIS. According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls are the most common office injury. Elevated falls (from a higher to a lower level) account for the most serious of these injuries. Over 60 percent of all elevated falls are from a height of less than 10 feet.

This type of injury is easily avoided by using proper equipment when seeking to access something out of your reach. Our stick person in the second frame demonstrates what Bob should have done—use a stepladder. 

When hanging decorations or trimming a tree, be sure to be safe. It's the best way to keep your holiday merry—very!

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