Joan's' Pet Peeves: Inaccurate and Outdated Signs and Labels

Jan. 5, 2018

Nearly every day I see a sign, label or some other type of posting that is not accurate or is outdated.

Accurate communication is crucial to working and going about our daily lives in a safe and cooperative manner. I say "cooperative" since we generally want to obey the sign or label and not touch something or go somewhere that may cause a problem for someone else’s work or research. Outdated, misleading and inaccurate signs and labels can, at a minimum, be an inconvenience, and, at their worst, can be a potential danger.

Take for example the "Do Not Enter" sign. You walk up to a door and there is a "Do Not Enter" sign that was placed on the door six months ago for some reason, but it is no longer needed. So, being a rule follower, you don’t go through this door and go all the way around to another door unnecessarily. The problem becomes dangerous when we ignore an outdated sign when a hazard may still exist. There are so many inaccurate signs that we risk not paying attention to them. Then, when there really is a hazard, we don’t heed the warning.

Please be diligent in removing old outdated and inaccurate signs and labels.