Spotlight on Safety: July 2018

Jul. 23, 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice to have good vibrations and fun, fun, fun all summer long? EHS can help!

The July edition of the Spotlight on Safety newsletter offers great tips for enjoying the warmth of the sun and minimizing exposure to UV rays. (You don’t have to be on a surfin’ safari to get overexposed.)

OSHA’s Safe + Sound week in August is an opportunity to catch a wave and explore best practices in workplace safety.

Do you get around campus? You may have noticed the scaffolding on Nassau Hall. Be true to your school and learn all about this important restoration work.

Maybe you've heard someone complain, "Old lab equipment is filling up valuable space in my room!" Well don't worry, baby. Quicker than you can say "Kokomo," we'll show you how to properly surplus old lab materials. We've also got the 409 on waste disposal and training requirements for laboratory staff.

Finally, we’re proud to announce some important department and staff milestones. When it comes to professionalism and excellence, we’d like to think we’re the little deuce coupe of environmental health and safety!

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FUN FACT: 14 songs by the Beach Boys are mentioned in the above article. Can you spot them all? Have a great summer!