Training and Laboratory Access Policies at Princeton

Sep. 6, 2017

New to Princeton? If you work in a lab or with hazardous materials, there are some basic policies you must know.

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Safety Training
Managing Your Training
Laboratory Access 

Safety Training

All faculty, staff, students, and visiting researchers performing research in laboratories must attend the University’s Laboratory Safety training, regardless of previous training and experience elsewhere. In addition, any individual working with hazardous chemicals in workplaces other than laboratories must attend Hazard Communication Training. 

If you conduct research with recombinant/ synthetic nucleic acid molecules that are not exempt from the NIH Guidelines and/or biosafety level 2 materials you must attend Intro to Biosafety training. 

EHS offers many training programs to meet the needs of the university community, including radiation safety, laser safety, and respiratory protection to name a few. 

Managing Your Training

The University’s training management site is available at Despite the name, the Employee Learning Center is intended for students, faculty and staff and provides the campus community with a single location for all training needs. Individuals may review their own training history (record) as well as view upcoming training sessions offered by several University offices, including Human Resources, OIT, General Council, and EHS. Individuals may enroll in training sessions as they wish, right from the Employee Learning Center. 

Lab Training Screenshot

Example—EHS Training Calendar

To register for an EHS training session, follow the link in the preceding paragraph or click here.

On the main navigation bar, directly under the Princeton University shield, position your mouse over “Training by Department and select “Environmental Health & Safety”. The EHS training calendar is posted on the site and new sessions are added regularly. Simply ‘click’ on the training title to enroll in the training session of your choice. 

If you do not see a training session that you require, please contact EHS at 8-5294 to inquire as to the next session date, or to schedule a special session for your lab or group. 

Laboratory Access

Because Princeton faculty, staff, students, and visiting researchers must take Laboratory Safety Training prior to working in laboratories, EHS routinely receives questions regarding lab access prior to the next available training date. In order to easily answer these questions, EHS has designed a quick reference chart. 

Princeton Laboratory Access Chart

For more information, see Access Recommendations. Please contact EHS by email at or phone at 609-258-5294 with any questions or concerns.