Workplace Injury? Treat It. Report It.

Oct. 17, 2017

No matter how small or seemingly minor the incident, the same rules apply: get it treated, and report it to EHS. 

Wherever you work on campus—in a lab, providing services, keeping facilities and operations running smoothly, or mostly at a desk—there’s always a risk of injury.

Employees must go to the Office of Employee Health at McCosh Health Center for evaluation, treatment, consultation, and/or referral to an approved physician for all work-related injuries.

If the incident constitutes an emergency, contact Public Safety at 911 from any campus phone or 609-258-3333 from a cell phone. Contact Employee Health at 609-258-5035 to make an appointment for less serious work-related injuries and illnesses, or for post-emergency care.

All accidents, injuries, or near-misses must be reported to your supervisor before your work shift ends on the day you are injured. Hazardous material exposure should be reported to EHS immediately. If after hours, report the incident to Public Safety and EHS will be contacted. 

Reporting workplace injuries is critical to Princeton’s efforts to make our campus as safe as it can be. Knowing the frequency and nature of incidents is key to prevention.

A thorough accident investigation may identify previously overlooked physical, environmental, administrative, or process hazards, the need for new or more extensive safety training, or unsafe work practices.

Learn more about injury and incident reporting here