Emergency Preparedness Planning for Departments and Groups

Questions to gauge your preparedness

  1. Are you and the employees in your department familiar with the University's emergency procedures?
  2. Do you and your employees know where to go to find instructions on how to prepare for or respond to an emergency?
  3. Has your department or office prepared a Continuity of Operations Plan?
  4. Do you and your employees have up-to-date contact information in HR Self-Service or TigerHub?
  5. Do you and your employees know where to assemble in the event of a fire or other emergency in your building?
    • If roll were taken at the assembly point, how quickly could the University ascertain who is missing in terms of employees who work in your department?
  6. Does Public Safety have a current call list of key department personnel for emergencies?
  7. Do you have a method to contact your employees at home in an emergency?
  8. Do you have a method to contact your employees who may be outdoors?
  9. Does your department have access to a portable, battery operated radio, flashlights and batteries?
  10. If a fire destroyed one of your department’s offices, labs, or libraries, how easily would you be able to produce an inventory of type of equipment,  (including date acquired and cost) and books, and other materials that were in the office?
    • Do you have equipment or art on site that is not University property (on loan from donors, vendors or other universities); if so, is there a written loan agreement specifying who is providing insurance?
  11. Do you have any documents that, if lost, would have a critical impact on your department’s ability to function?

If you answer yes to the questions below, please contact EHS at 258-5294 if you have not already done so.

  • Is there any equipment that would be difficult to replace because of rarity, age or time lag from order to delivery?
  • Do you have any office or lab containing materials or equipment with a combined value in excess of $1 million?